Vacation Rental styling


Vacation rental styling is perfect for those who own rental property and want their space filled with guests nightly and most importantly, at top dollar.


- 01 -

A Phone Call + Meet & Greet

We start with a phone call to assess your needs and make sure we are a good fit for your re-decorating project. We then set up a time to do an initial consultation and walkthrough of the rooms that need attention. Someone from our team will take pictures of each space, as well as dimensions, and discuss all of your needs for the room.  



There may be family heirlooms you want to keep, or another piece of furniture that you just can't bare the thought of replacing. We will work with you to determine how we can incorporate those pieces while still freshening the room. 

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We work to create (2) visual style boards that show our recommendations for each project. We sit down in person or via phone and discuss the products that we have chosen and gauge your interest in each item, continuing to revise until we've got the perfect list.

- 04 -


After determining the final shopping list, we get to work. We source the products from shops around the Los Angeles area as well as have you purchase any online shopping list items at this time.  

- 05 -


Once all items have been delivered or sourced in Los Angeles, we'll deliver the goods we've source, install and style the room to perfection. 

- 06 -

Photography & Welcome BOOK

Once styled, we schedule a photography session, capturing the wide angles as well as the tiny details that make your place special. We also create a custom Welcome Book for your guests with all the info they may need (ie passwords, pool instructions, favorite restaurants in the area, etc).


The demand for vacation rentals Grows Each year as Guests search for Affordable rates and unique experiences that hotels simply can’t offer.

the truth is that Anyone can list a property online, from a spare bedroom to a 5-Star Villa. BUT The only way to stand out amongst the sea of vacation rental properties, is to create a welcoming & truly unique space where guests can feel right at home while Enjoying a new city.


PRICING / $499 per room

Get one room designed, or many.

After our initial in person consultation ($75), we will bill 50% to begin the project, and 50% at completion.



Is there a minimum Budget that I need in order to start?

It's hard to redecorate a space with a super duper tight budget, but we recommend having at least $500 per room to spend on decor. If your bedroom for example has a bed, and nothing else, you should expect that we will add things like side tables, and lamps, possibly a dresser or bench as well as many other accents. The less you start out with, the more you could expect to spend. Alternatively if you have lots of furniture, some of our suggestions could be to paint it or add new hardware. Those suggestions can cost less than a replacement. 


Will I receive a 3d rendering of my room?

A 3D rendering is not included, but you will get (2) style boards that show all furniture and how it pairs with the other pieces we have selected. 



Do I purchase the pieces You select through you or the store?

For any items that need to be sourced online, we require that you purchase yourself and have it delivered to your home.  For all other items that our team finds in local stores, we will make the purchase and you will be billed on your final invoice.

We prefer our clients make purchases themselves any time it's an option.  This way, if you have an issue with a product that you purchased, you can go straight to the manufacture for replacement or repair. If applicable, the warranty also stays with you, the buyer. You can also return items on your own without our assistance if you decide you didn't like an item on your shopping list a month later. 


How much time should I expect my project to take?

For one room to be re-styled, you can expect anywhere from 2-3 weeks from start to finish. This time greatly depends on how many items need to be sourced and how many revisions we make to the shopping list.