In person styling for those clients who live in the Los Angeles area and are looking to make design decisions in a single day.


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A Phone Call

We start with a phone call to assess your needs and make sure we are a good fit for your re-decorating project. You will share dimensions and pictures of the space with us ahead of your scheduled design day and then we will book a date on the calendar to knock it out in one day.  

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BUilding a list

A stylist from our team will use the photos, room dimensions, and style quiz you submit to create a preliminary shopping list of everything needed to fill the space.

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On design day, a stylist will sit down with you at your home and go over the preliminary shopping list we have created. We will work together to create a visual of the room and all the pieces that will be part of it using a Pinterest board. This process can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours.

- 04 -


After determining the final approved shopping list, it's now your turn to start purchasing the decor! We will find decor from online stores, but if the store is in your city, and you want to pick up in person, you can do that too!  Some items on your board may be a general look of an item, such as a wooden bowl for a coffee table, and you can head to your favorite home decor store in your neighborhood to find the perfect one.

- 05 -


Sit back and wait for all of your home decor to be delivered. Once you've got the goods, you'll begin styling the room based on the Pinterest board visual and instructions we have left you with.

For an additional charge, we can install and style the room for you once all items have arrived. 


PRICING / $399 FLAT Rate


Is there a minimum Budget that I need in order to start?

It's hard to redecorate a space with a super duper tight budget, but we recommend having at least $500 per room to work with. If your bedroom for example has a bed, and nothing else, you should expect that we will add things like side tables, and lamps, possibly a dresser or bench as well as many other accents. The less you start out with, the more you could expect to spend. Alternatively if you have lots of furniture, some of our suggestions could be to paint it or add new hardware. Those suggestions can cost less than a replacement. Also, if your dining room is a blank canvas, chances are, you'll need a dining room table and chairs. It can be hard to find great deals on large ticket items, but we try our best to keep costs low! 

Will I receive a 3d rendering of my room?

A 3D rendering is not included, but you will be left with a Pinterest board that shows all home decor we have chosen together.