E-styling allows you to work with us via email from wherever you are.  Your space is still 100% customized to you, but requires just a tad bit more effort on your part. If you can use a ruler and a camera, then you are all set!



- 01 -


You will submit a form and tell us about the room that needs some TLC. Give us your budget and send along pictures & dimensions so we can visualize it AND make sure any furniture we add to your shopping list will fit nicely in the space.

- 02 -

Q&A + PAYment

We'll follow up with a style quiz and any questions that we have regarding the space and the information you've provided. We'll also send your invoice, which will need to be paid before design work can begin. Design takes anywhere from 7-10 days from the time you have submitted payment, but can vary based on how many others are in the queue.

- 03 -

The REveal

We'll send you a comprehensive plan listing out everything that will change within the room - paint colors, hardware replacements, art, new furniture and other room accents, etc. A style board will be included showing the entire furniture layout so you can visualize before purchasing any decor. A list of all items to purchase will also be included. You purchase and install on your own. 


PRICING / $299 per room


Is there a minimum Budget that I need in order to start?

It's hard to redecorate a space with a super duper tight budget, but we recommend having at least $500 per room to work with. If your bedroom for example has a bed, and nothing else, you should expect that we will add things like side tables, and lamps, possibly a dresser or bench as well as many other accents. The less you start out with, the more you could expect to spend. Alternatively if you have lots of furniture, some of our suggestions could be to paint it or add new hardware. Those suggestions can cost less than a replacement. Also, if your dining room is a blank canvas, chances are, you'll need a dining room table and chairs. It can be hard to find great deals on large ticket items, but we try our best to keep costs low and within budget! 


Will I receive a 3d rendering of my room?

A 3D rendering is not included in the price, but you will get a concept board that shows all furniture and how it pairs with the other pieces we have selected. 

What if I don't like the DECOR choices that were provided IN my style board?

Based on the style quiz you submit, we will learn the style of room you want to replicate. We pride ourselves on the first round of designs we create for our clients, but sometimes we can miss the mark. We offer 2 review sessions of your style board. At the first review, up to 5 items can be replaced at no cost. You will then get the opportunity to replace 5 additional items after reviewing the revised board. Additional rounds can be purchased if there are still more items you want to replace. 


Do I purchase the pieces You select through you or the store?

You make all purchases yourself based on the shopping list we provide. We prefer this route for many reasons. If you have an issue with a product that you purchased, you can go straight to the manufacturer for replacement or repair. This way any warranty also stays with you, the buyer. You can also return items on your own without our assistance if you decide you didn't like an item on your shopping list.