One Bedroom: Three Different Budgets


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Warm weather is upon us in Los Angeles, and I for one cannot wait for a natural tan! I’ve used up every bottle of sunless tanner I own! With sunny days ahead, we often start to get the “I need to change my decor” itch. You know that itch. Faux fur blankets and red and black checkered pillows be gone! You need brighter colors, less shag accents and all of the windows open to bring in that fresh breeze. It’s sort of perfect timing, because this week, we’re adding a new type of post to the blog, where we put together one room with three different budgets in mind. This particular tropical vacation inspired room design screams, “IT’S SUMMER!” We chose to keep a handful of items in each room the same from budget to budget, like the artwork and mirror for example. The vibe of the room stays the same throughout, but what a difference it can make to swap a few pieces out for lower price alternatives!



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