5 Versatile Ways to Use Turkish Towels

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A Turkish towel, also known as a peshtemal, is a work of art in itself. Traditionally used in Turkish baths and spas, you don’t have to perform Hammam bath rituals to truly appreciate them. There are numerous versatile ways to use Turkish towels. Here are just a few:


#1 Travel Towels

Unlike their bulky terry-cloth counterparts, Turkish towels are so lightweight and packable they’re regarded as an essential item for globe-trotting travelers and nomads. A thin flat weave makes them absorbent and quick to dry, and saves space for other necessities like souvenirs.  


#2 Picnic Blankets

Pack a lunch and Turkish towel. Whether headed to a grassy knoll in the park or an oceanside beach, these towels work great as foundation for a foodie’s delicious spread.  And unlike their plush beach blanket counterparts, Turkish towels shed sand well. A few shakes and the granules fall right off.

#3 Tote Bags

Turkish towels can be easily transformed into a tote bag for the beach. Just tie the ends together with knots and carry over your shoulder. This is perfect because once you arrive at the water, you simply untie the knot and you'll have your book, sunscreen and all your other beach goodies right there! Not to mention, a place to lay down. Simply package it all up again when you're ready to leave.

#4 Tablecloths and Table Runners

If your Turkish towel is wide, transform tables by using it as a tablecloth. Use narrow Turkish towels as a table runner. Spread it across a dining table to ground candles, platters, and centerpieces.  After styling your outdoor space for entertaining, keep Turkish towels draped across benches and accent chairs, and to accent bar carts. Guests will appreciate the ability to wrap up on chilly nights to linger longer.


#5 Fashion Accessories

Head to the pool or beach wrapped in a stylish summer sarong using a Turkish towel. When summer’s long days have come and gone, transition into fall by trading in your sarong with a scarf. Twist and wrap a Turkish towel around your neck to keep warm.

Turkish towels are a practical accessory and their uses are endless! I’ve collected SEVERAL and now utilize them throughout my home for a variety of purposes. You can almost never have enough!

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